Wedding 2009Castaways and rejects –
Broken words,
Lost notions,
Forgotten technology,
Discarded love,
Abandoned dreams,
What if’s,

Staci looks for beauty in the forsworn and wondrous in the mundane.  She conveys this in her artwork through the use of found objects and iconic imagery.  Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary; you can frequently find her crouched on the side of the road with camera in hand or collecting the detritus of day-to-day life to use in her art.

Staci is a painter, photographer, and fiber artist, combining all of her artistic pursuits as one expression since 2006.  Her paintings convey an emotional intensity with a non-figurative aesthetic.  Staci’s method of creation emphasizes spontaneous or subconscious composition while being influenced by the text used in the background.  The book pages are applied to form a stream of consciousness, text out of context, poetry.  The photographs or illustrations used in each piece are Staci’s original works.  Each image is selected based on the background pages and applied as a high contrast black and white image.  The juxtaposition between the stark imagery and intensely colorful background is significant to her work.   Found objects and fiber are applied and sewn to complete each piece.

Originally from London and Somerset, Kentucky, Staci has lived in Lexington for twenty years.  She lives with her husband of fifteen years, who is a computer wizard, wood turner and superhero, their daughters, an eleven-year-old scientist ballerina cello player, and a musical daredevil masquerading as a six-year-old.

Staci is an adjudicated artist of the State of Kentucky.

Her work is displayed internationally.